Six Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Art
July 28, 2021

Six Mistakes To Avoid When Buying Art

The process of buying art can be intimidating, especially online. But it doesn’t have to be. I have curated six mistakes many first-time art buyers make. Avoid these, and you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect piece of art to turn your house into a unique home to be proud of.


Do: Have a space in mind

Let’s get this one out of the way first. If you are buying a piece of art, you should at least have an idea of where in your home you will want to hang it. Obviously, that can change. But by having an idea of which room the artwork will go into, you can make a more informed decision on things like size and finish. 

If you know the room, then I can also create a custom mockup for you, meaning you’ll send me a photo of the wall and I will digitally hang the photo for you on that wall. This is a service many of my collectors love as it really helps visualize what the art will look like (just click on "Size Guide" next to the artwork of your choice for instructions). Of course, you can also use the Art Visualizer app right from any of the product pages here in my online gallery to display any of my artworks on any of your walls using Augmented Reality.


Don’t: Choose a small size for a big wall

This is a mistake I see being made over and over again. Walls are big, bigger than you think they are. I totally understand that budgeting concerns dictate many decisions to buy art, but if you have a big wall, I will always recommend to go big on the artwork, otherwise it will get lost amid a sea of paint. Interestingly enough, if you have a small wall, one of the most effective ways to make the space look bigger is to hang a big piece of art on a small wall.

Think about it this way: My 60 inch images are only slightly larger than most TVs today. A 72 inch piece is about the size of a two-cushion couch. If that whole wall behind the couch or the bed is empty, do you really want to hang a 30 inch piece of art there? Or might that size print fit better above a desk and instead you go bigger above the couch or bed, using my convenient financing option Affirm to not break the bank? Which leads me to my next point…


Don’t: Go bargain hunting instead of investing in quality

I get it, we all have a budget, and purchasing art is not as important as putting food on the table (even though I would make a strong case that purchasing art is very important…). I also totally get that you have a lot of options to buy nature images from a lot of photographers who offer them for a lot less money than I do. 

I am aware of all of that.

I will tell you though that there is a reason why they offer their work for cheap. I see it all the time, actually. They are passionate about nature, as so many of us are. But their commitment to crafting a fine art piece simply does not match mine. Their images do not tell a story that touches your heart. Their attention to detail is lacking compared to my devotion to displaying my images using only the finest, handpicked materials to craft a piece of art that rivals any you see in a museum and will last you and your family a lifetime and more. They do not offer the same service, won’t tailor each piece to you and your homes exact likes and needs, and don’t have years of experience to back up the talk.

In short: You have been buying run-off-the-mill furniture store decor for too long. Buying one of my fine art nature images is an investment in yourself because at their best, these artworks remind you every day of the person you want to be. Investing in ourselves should never be a bargain hunt.


Do: Know who the artist is

This goes to what I said in the last section: When you choose art, you buy into its emotional value. That means you want to know its story as well as the reason why it was created in the first place. I have a unique journey that led me to creating my fine art nature images, and I invite you to hear it here.


Don’t: Think, “I’ll just get this framed later

Almost always will I recommend to get my images framed. Of course my images are available as ready-to-hang floating acrylic prints, too. But most times, a hand-selected, custom-crafted frame will truly complete the image. It keeps the eye inside the artwork (which is where you want it to be given all the money you are spending, right?!). My former framer Jeff always said, “A frame should not overpower the artwork, but it also can’t be less stunning.” We have the experience to find the perfect frame for your piece, and we’ll include you every step of the way if you’d like! 

What’s more, the process of professionally framing a fine art acrylic photographic print requires true craftsmanship and years of experience — skills that the skilled artisans who frame my work have aplenty. Because it is such a delicate process, framing a fine art acrylic print is not cheap. In addition to our joint expertise, by getting the image framed when you purchase it, you will take advantage of the discounted rates we are able to offer compared to if you took the piece to your neighborhood frame shop at a later date.  


Don’t: Make a frame choice based on your home’s decor

Last but not least, here is an easy rule of thumb: A frame needs to complement the artwork, not your home decor. We will work with you to find the perfect frame from a pre-selected variety of frames proven to bring out the very best in your new piece of art!


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