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As I go through life, I feel a deep sense of what Mary Oliver calls “inherited responsibility.” Those who came before us demand a sense of stewardship and purpose of me — and you — for those who are yet to come. 

I was taught to think patiently, to observe passionately and to always be caring. I learned early on that feeding curiosity is a reckoning force and respect is the measuring stick for one’s actions. But above all, I believe thoughtfulness quantifies the magnitude of appreciation.

I am an audacious dreamer and dedicated to using my punctilious voice to bring you closer to the outside world. As I walk this path with the weighted yet lofty devotion to inspire as my shadow, I have no greater adviser than nature herself. How can I ever turn my gaze away?

HIGHLY COLLECTIBLE LIMITED EDITION OF 99 | Devil's Tower National Monument, WY 

A Lars Gesing Fine Art Nature Images panorama photograph of the iconic Devil's Tower at sunrise in Northern Wyoming close to South Dakota's Badlands National Park. Devil's Tower is where the sci-fi movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind was filmed. Devil's Tower is a popular mountain climbing destination in Wyoming and is also a great place for a day hike or a picnic with the whole family.


I am a proud member of 1% for the Planet and its mission of protecting our only home. The concept is simple: The land has given me much, so I want to give back. That’s why I have committed to donate 1% of every sale of every artwork to select nonprofits that are working to protect the land shown in your piece. That means, over its life in my gallery, THE CALLING will generate roughly $2000 in donations supporting WESTERN RESOURCE ADVOCATES.