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One of my favorite painters has always been Mark Rothko. His use of color, light and form to create masterworks of abstract expressionism is pure genius. Rothko, like few others, has the endearing ability to take seemingly simple ingredients such as color and shape and take us on a spiritual journey into a world of our own imagination. Now, I am most assuredly no Mark Rothko. But when I saw this surreal sunrise in Boulder, Colorado, last year and started to photograph it, the resulting images did remind me of Rothko's color-induced works. Save to say, I was proud of what I had created in my own medium, inspired by one of my artistic idols. 

Now... Over the past few months, whenever I showed this image to anyone before it's official limited edition release last week, I got a very mixed bag of reactions. There were those who were captivated by its vibrant colors and how the singular round shape of the rising sun acted as the entry point into the hidden world beyond what can be obviously seen. And then there were others, like my dad, usually one of my work's biggest fans, who said the image fell flat for him, not speaking to him at all. He did not feel invited whatsoever.

Although I'd much rather make my dad proud with every single thing I do, all those reactions carry meaning and beauty in them. I am proud to create work that makes people like him, like you, stop what you are doing, look at this image, get lost in it, search for your own meaning, your own point of entry. Maybe the single biggest lesson art teaches us is that pure and true emotional connections are rare, and every single one of them should be celebrated without hesitation. Such is the real gift of inspiration.





I am a proud member of 1% for the Planet and its mission of protecting our only home. The concept is simple: The land has given me much, so I want to give back. That’s why I have committed to donate 1% of every sale of every artwork to select nonprofits that are working to protect the land shown in your piece. That means, over its life in my gallery, SUNRISE ENIGMA will generate roughly $2000 supporting the ROCKY MOUNTAIN FIELD INSTITUTE.