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Great Sand Dunes National Park in Southern Colorado is undoubtedly one of the most surreal and mind-blowing locations that I have ever visited. And that is to say something, after all my stomping grounds are a state with no shortage of outstanding beauty. But hiking through the dune fields in this national park is not just an experience unlike most others, but it is also the gateway to a true photographer’s paradise. Being out in nature, I often have a feeling of being hypertensive — not knowing where to look first, or, in my case, not knowing where to point the camera first.

This was certainly the case here. One of the lessons I have learned over the years is to slow down, take in the scene and force myself to see, not just look. That way, very quickly, a whole new world of possible images opens up. And so, while I also took the vast panoramic shot of the entire dune field nestled against the Sangre de Cristo mountains, what intrigued me most about this location was the intricate play between light and shadows and how it shapes the dunes. During golden hours, the light changes very quickly, and with it, seemingly, the shapes of the dunes changed, too.

OPEN EDITION | Great Sand Dunes National Park, CO



I am a proud member of 1% for the Planet and its mission of protecting our only home. The concept is simple: The land has given me much, so I want to give back. That’s why I have committed to donate 1% of every sale of every artwork to select nonprofits that are working to protect the land shown in your piece. That means, over its life in my gallery, RELICT will generate roughly $2000 in donations supporting the ROCKY MOUNTAIN CONSERVANCY.