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Congratulations, you've found a piece of art you love! That was the hard part. Now let me help you ditch the measuring tape with my free, no-commitment mockup service!
Simply tape a piece of letter-size paper to the wall you want to hang the artwork on, snap a photo on your phone and email it to me at I'll send you true-to-size digital mockups so you can easily visualize what the artwork looks like in your space in different sizes.

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The wild and wonderful world on the other side of the window is stunned into calm deference by the cold’s frosty bite. The air’s chill may be ever so distinct, but this vague and untouched landscape is lovely nonetheless. One storm and then the next has made these trees grow roots that reach that much deeper. Here, life is slow.

Photographic art has the ability to transform an ordinary moment into one carrying magnified meaning. So here is a stand of snow-covered evergreens, and there is a child-like glance into the spectacle of dreams that is a snow globe. In those dreams, who does not see days spent with those we care about, in a wooden cabin, somewhere far away from everything but the snow falling outside the window, while the crackling fire and the love of our next akin is the ultimate source of comfort?

Look out the window, into the depths of the forest, and what you might see if only you allow yourself is another world, one that is shaped by not much but the volume of your dreams.


OPEN EDITION | Rabbit Ears Pass, CO


I am a proud member of 1% for the Planet and its mission of protecting our only home. The concept is simple: The land has given me much, so I want to give back. That’s why I have committed to donate 1% of every sale of every artwork to select nonprofits that are working to protect the land shown in your piece. That means, over its life in my gallery, ECHO will generate roughly $2000 in donations supporting the ROCKY MOUNTAIN CONSERVANCY.